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This finally led to my idea to find a good way to bring people together. The suggestion of going for coffee, doesn’t mean you have to drink it. 


This all starts with a simple ‘Hello’. I decided to execute my concept by creating vibrant and inviting colour pallets and quirky illustrations showing the steps of how to have a stranger become a friend. These illustrations are printed on hard 400gsm card which resembles a coffee coaster. With the coasters I created two posters, one showing the concept of people being on their own called ‘hello stranger' and the other poster is of a market in middle of Cape Town. I chose this composition as I feel that is where a lot of people get to talk to one another, either buying an item from someone or simply going and exploring with a new friend to the fair or a family outing.

Why would you want your boss to hold a

warm cup of coffee when you ask for a raise?” 

 I started to look at coffee, the coffee industry and how people interact with it. I interviewed people who have been in the working world for more than a year and questioned them on their relationship with coffee.

I asked things like if they use it to start a conversation or avoid one. This led to me finding out that many people use things such as coffee to remain unnoticed, they can drink their coffee and not be disturbed.

This is fine to a degree but even something like coffee should be a way we can connect with each other. I followed this with more 

questions on whether or not people found it easy to talk to strangers. Majority found it difficult and some said they only stayed in contact if it had mutual benefit.

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